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Overwater by Paul Reiffer

"Perhaps it was the dildo you wore on stage? Maybe the consistent, sexually explicit lyrics about sucking •••• & eating ***** ? Hmm, it very well could be the new album cover…. Nothing says inspiration like a Black Woman spread eagle - a$$ out & integrity GONE. Let’s see… The new video… Lesbian undertones & whorish disposition… Yup! Just the message you wanna send to high school students. News Flash - You don’t get to play porn star & expect to be treated like a statesman. Your $ & fame might mean something in Hollywood… But real recognize fake. Put some clothes on & hit the pavement talking to these young girls about Self Worth & Self Esteem if you want respect. Earn it. Otherwise Be Barbie…. Period.” - ZaZa Ali 
**slow clap** well said Mrs. Ali

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